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September 5, 2007


It’s funny that a sink in the bathroom and a process of self aggrandizing (at least I think that’s used correctly) are treated to a similar moniker…vanity. I’m VERY sure that I have a healthy dose of this object as proven by my recent distress when I googled myself again and found that I had […]


August 16, 2007


Thinking on a high-brow, hoity-toity level isn’t something I’m prone to do. I like having a discussion, but contentious debate isn’t one of my favorite things. Before the people who know me jump on board for what might seem like a contradiction, I admit that I LOVE to push buttons and argue about lighter fare. […]

Back into writing

August 14, 2007


My avocational writing slowed to a crawl about nine months ago when I started working earnestly for a major gadget retailer. My daily forays into catalog, Web copywriting and other project work sapped my creative energy and I wasn’t sure how to get it back. But now I’ve got it solved. With the advent of […]

August 7, 2007


The madness continues in American politics. Here are two things that make me believe this… The other day there was a debate among all the candidates. Seemingly, this would be a fair and outstanding way to showcase all the potential presidential hopefuls’ traits, brains and stances. Well, it was hosted by ONE television station that […]

Why the universe is doomed

August 6, 2007


An alternate post title could be… “Why can’t we listen?” But the crux of my rant today is that people don’t read or listen or pay attention to anything except themselves. I’m guilty of it (I’m writing a blog that publishes MY thoughts anytime I want, c’mon now!!) and plenty of realistic and intelligent people […]

Not so hot under the collar

August 1, 2007


So we got in last night from Paris and after sleeping like a rock, I wanted a hot, home-spun shower. The shower in the Paris apartment was often hot (unless you stayed in it too long) but the handle was exactly that – a HANDle. That meant you had to get wet, put the handle […]

Jeff Cutler – Columnist

July 13, 2007


OK. That’s not anything new. But so many people are asking me where they can see my newest column. Here it is… Buzz-Phrases, ADD and Twitter And if that link expires by the time you’ve had a chance to revel in the glory that is the mind of Jeff Cutler… then go to Novel Ideas […]