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Back into writing

August 14, 2007


My avocational writing slowed to a crawl about nine months ago when I started working earnestly for a major gadget retailer. My daily forays into catalog, Web copywriting and other project work sapped my creative energy and I wasn’t sure how to get it back. But now I’ve got it solved. With the advent of […]

Link farm

August 10, 2007


I listened to a show the other day – The M Show actually – during which the host mentioned the concept of link sharing as a way to let all the ships in the podcast and blog universe rise together. Now it would be stupid if it made ALL the ships rise an equal amount, […]

Oh, no I didn’t…

August 9, 2007


You all know the feeling of abject horror that takes over your gut and soul the moment you do something entirely preventable and simultaneously irreversible. I enjoyed one of those moments yesterday while trying to set up my email program. The story requires a little backstory, so grab a frosty beverage or a non-crumb-making snack […]

Podcast review

June 27, 2007


Last night at the meet-up (yes, still blathering about that), I started to think what characteristics really make a podcast or a blog worth listening to or reading. Here are the top five things that make this form of media a positive experience for me. I’ve also included a podcast name with each of the […]

Giving it away

June 15, 2007


Chris Brogan had a note about Ogilvy on his site recently and I wanted to share my response to that post. You can see the original commentary on Chris’ site. Here’s what I wrote as a retort… Chris, I like the sentiment and the theory is MOSTLY sound. But in Ogilvy’s day (not so long […]

Hey Susan and John

June 13, 2007


Just got home from some elbow rubbing and hob-nobbing with Susan and John from BostonNOW – the fun and informative paper that’s strongly into new media and a true variety of content creators and sources. The put on a meet-up at Smile Thai in Cambridge (good food, but no booze) where I saw some familiar […]

Ronin Marketeer

June 7, 2007


Just go take a look at John Wall and his marketing genius. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…you cannot succeed in anything if you’re just using your best guess. Go get some concrete info. As you know, neither Jeff Cutler nor any of the writers at Bowl of Cheese operate […]