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August 14, 2007


Summer plods forward toward the fall and I’m sitting in rapt attention thinking about all the opportunity I’ve had so far this season to ride my bike, visit the beach, try out new things and generally enjoy life. In fact, my recent column in the Hingham Mariner touts the importance of taking your time and […]

Apartment Rental in Paris

August 10, 2007


Just a reminder – if you were still unaware that I’ve been away – that the best thing I ever did was rent an apartment in Paris. For less money than it would have cost me in a hotel, I had access to a great place to use as a base of operations. While the […]

Getting Paid

August 3, 2007


For a while now I’ve been trying to monetize Bowl of Cheese. I’ve looked at different services, different social networking sites and different outlets. I’ve even been hired to write some advertising copy for products. As mentioned in earlier blog entries, I, Jeff Cutler, will not write anything here without being fully transparent. That means […]


June 23, 2007


The one place that’s left on my travel wish list is Australia. I’ve traveled extensively in the United States and now have started to leave my mark on Europe and the countries on that side of the Atlantic, but I have yet to wander across the Pacific and try out New Zealand and Australia. In […]

Poker – Mac Style

June 23, 2007


As many of my friends know, I was bitten by the poker bug a year ago and have made it as far as the semi-finals in the Foxwoods Poker Classic and have cashed in a series of live games in seedy rooms in New Hampshire. That said, the best way I’ve found to hone my […]


June 19, 2007


The past few nights it’s been hot in Jeff Cutler’s tiny bungalow and I’ve had both my fans running full speed. The tiny one fits in the bedroom window, but I’m a bit skittish about leaving the window too far open because of movies like The Panic Room, Friday the Thirteenth and Invasion of the […]

Vacation’s coming

June 11, 2007


As most of you know, I purchased a timeshare last year in an attempt to assuage my inner guilt at not buying one while on my honeymoon in Hawaii. The current timeshare hasn’t really done anything for me except tie up a chunk of money that I could use for vacation expenses and I’m contemplating […]