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WordPress Intensive

May 21, 2008


I’m currently in a WordPress class being given by David Tam├ęs. The class is at MassArt and is going to show us all how to start a WordPress blog, what we can do with different themes and templates, and how we can even use WordPress software to host our own blog out on other servers. […]


August 28, 2007


I entered another contest online. If it comes in, I might be busy for a GOOD CHUNK of 2008. Here’s my entry. More to come… **OH!! I updated my Jeff Cutler dot com site so it has a new link to some stuff and is more Jeff Cutler centric so the search engines will keep […]

iPhone has been HACKED

August 24, 2007


As reported by the AP today, a teenager from New Jersey has found a way to get the iPhone to work on other networks and even overseas. Reports say that the 17-year-old, George Hotz of Glen Rock, NJ, worked with a few other people locally as well as a couple people from Russia in his […]

Patrick Norton, where are you?

August 23, 2007


I’ve tried to contact Patrick a few different ways, but even in an age of new media and ultra connectivity, it’s tough to get in touch with people who don’t want to be contacted. Take for instance the TWIT Web site. To make a comment and contact people on the show – Leo, Dvorak and […]

Oh, no I didn’t…

August 9, 2007


You all know the feeling of abject horror that takes over your gut and soul the moment you do something entirely preventable and simultaneously irreversible. I enjoyed one of those moments yesterday while trying to set up my email program. The story requires a little backstory, so grab a frosty beverage or a non-crumb-making snack […]

Tour de France 2007

July 29, 2007


Yup, photos!! Discovery Channel Team in motion… By the way, if you haven’t been following the Tour, which ended today, Alberto Contador WON the race. And he races for Discovery. He’s in Yellow two photos from now. Keep looking. They were cruising – probably around 40KMH. I can’t do the math, but it’s fast. Here […]

Aviation Club de France

July 27, 2007


As I mentioned this morning, I was headed over to the Aviation Club of France – a casino on the Champs that offers Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Well, I got in. I arrived at around 9:30 local time in my Merrills and dashed up the stairs. Usually there’s a LARGE bodyguard at the front door […]