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Thinking about Networking

May 9, 2010


This post appeared earlier today at… Diane Darling is charming and upfront about her skillset and her mantras. She wants to see people succeed and has a vision in how that can happen. For even experienced networking and social media professionals, Darling’s tips and insight can be valuable. For instance, in her most recent […]

New places to see me

December 9, 2008


Since setting this blog up as a temporary site for my ‘fun’ blog, I’ve created a few more places to read Jeff Cutler stuff. They are:, and still rambles along fine as do the other 14 blogs of note. So if you’re looking for me, just visit one of those places. […]

Jeff Cutler IS Novel Ideas. Seriously

August 13, 2008


Now it seems that there are two other Novel Ideas companies in the nation. I’m guessing the count is much higher, but when I opened my writing services firm on January 1, 1992 I didn’t realize that the world would shrink so much as the Internet brought us together. With my Novel Ideas writing site […]

WordPress Intensive

May 21, 2008


I’m currently in a WordPress class being given by David Tam├ęs. The class is at MassArt and is going to show us all how to start a WordPress blog, what we can do with different themes and templates, and how we can even use WordPress software to host our own blog out on other servers. […]

Eggs are dangerous

April 8, 2008


I just finished doing some Jeff Cutler editing on AlacraWiki and I decided to cook an egg or two for breakfast. Well, the eggs came out a little salmonela-y, so I put one into the microwave and ate the cooked part of the other one. Here’s what you should know, eggs don’t need a LOT […]


September 5, 2007


It’s funny that a sink in the bathroom and a process of self aggrandizing (at least I think that’s used correctly) are treated to a similar moniker…vanity. I’m VERY sure that I have a healthy dose of this object as proven by my recent distress when I googled myself again and found that I had […]

Technology marches on

September 2, 2007


Only a few hours after Clay Buchholz pitched a no-hitter, the talk on and in the Globe was about technology. It seems that the Google braintrust in Cambridge, MA has developed (or is developing) a GooglePhone to compete with Wifi devices (no Wijacking needed you crazy Wijacker) all over the world. Here’s the entire […]