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Technology marches on

September 2, 2007


Only a few hours after Clay Buchholz pitched a no-hitter, the talk on and in the Globe was about technology. It seems that the Google braintrust in Cambridge, MA has developed (or is developing) a GooglePhone to compete with Wifi devices (no Wijacking needed you crazy Wijacker) all over the world. Here’s the entire […]

iPhone has been HACKED

August 24, 2007


As reported by the AP today, a teenager from New Jersey has found a way to get the iPhone to work on other networks and even overseas. Reports say that the 17-year-old, George Hotz of Glen Rock, NJ, worked with a few other people locally as well as a couple people from Russia in his […]


August 21, 2007


I colored my hair the other day. Really. It’s a stylish and attractive red that is at once dashing and ‘interesting’. I was trying for blond, but the makeup of my hair and the worry that accompanied putting chemicals on my head probably conspired to limit the colorant’s effectiveness. Needless to say, now I am […]

Picture this

August 17, 2007


Go visit JPG Magazine’s site to see lots of cool photos. Look me up…I have some posted there too! More to come…

Singing praise to Verizon

August 14, 2007


Please note that this is NOT a paid post. That’s right, I’m praising Verizon. Those beasts who have sucked my wallet dry over the past five years with cell phones, land lines and DSL charges. And I’m happy with them. Why? For three reasons. 1 – EVDO WiFi Internet Access 2 – Free cell phone […]

Photo of the day – still Paris

August 7, 2007


Try and imagine what it’s like to sit for five or more hours in the stands watching guys on bikes circle you endlessly. I’m surprised this is the only bottle I saw. This shot is at the spot where they award the Yellow Jersey for the final stage/overall winner of the Tour de France.

Free WiFi access on the iPhone – REALLY

August 2, 2007


In a story on (a publication I’ve written for by the way) they wrote this… For the month of August if you have an iPhone you can get free WiFi access at over 10,000 Boingo Wireless hotspots. Sweeeeeeeeet! More to come…