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Week End

August 30, 2007


And finally the weekend is here! Oh, yes. I don’t usually work on Friday except for off-site clients. So my weekend begins in 45 minutes. What are my plans for this illustrious Labor Day? NO LABOR. In a nutshell, I will be golfing, eating, biking, eating, watching baseball, eating, buying veal and duck sausages, eating, […]

Still trying to win a scooter

August 29, 2007


Here’s the next site from which I’m trying to win a scooter. This group is the neighborhood community of Allston, MA. Tickets are only $10 each and you could win a scooter (but I’d rather I won it) a bike, a bike or some other cool stuff. Buy your tickets now and write my name […]


August 28, 2007


I entered another contest online. If it comes in, I might be busy for a GOOD CHUNK of 2008. Here’s my entry. More to come… **OH!! I updated my Jeff Cutler dot com site so it has a new link to some stuff and is more Jeff Cutler centric so the search engines will keep […]

Biking – Northeast Style

August 23, 2007


My friend Udder has been creating a show recently and wanted a plug. So, Jeff, here you go. Watch Jeff’s show – here’s the link. Enjoy! More to come…


August 14, 2007


Summer plods forward toward the fall and I’m sitting in rapt attention thinking about all the opportunity I’ve had so far this season to ride my bike, visit the beach, try out new things and generally enjoy life. In fact, my recent column in the Hingham Mariner touts the importance of taking your time and […]

Photo of the day – still Paris

August 7, 2007


Try and imagine what it’s like to sit for five or more hours in the stands watching guys on bikes circle you endlessly. I’m surprised this is the only bottle I saw. This shot is at the spot where they award the Yellow Jersey for the final stage/overall winner of the Tour de France.


July 28, 2007


I’m not sure if this is just an idiosincracy of mine or if more people feel this way, but I often set my vacation goals up in tiny lists. They’re not firm ‘to-do’ mandates, but they are guides that ensure that I have something to do. Perhaps this list-making tendency is part of my inability […]