Eggs are dangerous

Posted on April 8, 2008


I just finished doing some Jeff Cutler editing on AlacraWiki and I decided to cook an egg or two for breakfast.

Well, the eggs came out a little salmonela-y, so I put one into the microwave and ate the cooked part of the other one.

Here’s what you should know, eggs don’t need a LOT of time to cook. And 22 seconds is a LOT of time.

SO, after I safely peeled the piping hot egg I cut into it with a spoon…AND EGG LAVA AND SHRAPNEL SHOT ALL OVER THE KITCHEN.

It seems that the egg continued to cook whilst I was peeling. Lucky I didn’t blow a finger off.

Oh, that Alacra thingy? Yeah, well the guy named Jeff Cutler really is Jeffrey S. Cutler and his listing on AW had him as Jeff Cutler. I wanted to add my listing as a Web professional and content provider so I had to adjust my listing to reflect Jeff Cutler and gave him top billing as Jeffrey Cutler.

I think everyone’s happy but I’m waiting to hear from the AlacraWiki people.

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