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Whose line is it?

May 28, 2007


People can’t drive. It’s unfortunate because we’re now letting people drive until they’re 200 and also allowing people who break into our country to have driver’s licenses. As an example of how difficult driving can be, I have compiled a few photos. These illustrate that piloting a vehicle at presumably slow speed in a very […]

Ah, celebrity

May 25, 2007


Hazel Mae and I hobnobbed for about four seconds last night at the Pawtucket Red Sox game. She is gracious and gorgeous and shorter than she looks on TV. More to come…

uSurf, Home Improvement and Poker

May 24, 2007


Those aren’t SEO terms in the title of this post, they’re actual subjects I’m going to cover in this edition of “Where has Jeff been and why hasn’t he been writing in Bowl of Cheese more frequently?” My friend Frank – he of the Red Sox season tickets, BC alum, mailbot-fearing writer – has chided […]

Ran Dumb

May 22, 2007


Just some quick thoughts, take them as you might… is a ridiculous waste of time and quite addictive. Look me up there – my name is bowlofcheese. Too few people understand marketing/advertising and WAY TOO MANY of them think that the more crap you throw into the mix equals more messages that get across. […]

Fake Steve Jobs

May 15, 2007


A truly neat site that pretends to be the ramblings and rantings of Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc. Read a few posts and you’ll be hooked. More to come…including some info on uSurf and a Bowl of Cheese podcast, just wait!

Bears with guns invade baseball

May 12, 2007


Mr. Stephen Colbert would be horrified by what we saw at the Pawtucket Red Sox game the other day…a bear with a gun shooting foam baseballs at defenseless children. More to come…

The mentally destitute

May 10, 2007


I’m worried for the world. This might be a standard, recurring feeling on the part of those of us who like to think we’ve got a brain cell or two in our heads. Please reference my IQ test a few months back or the fact I try to use big words in my posts. That […]