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The Boston Globe mailed it in

April 30, 2007


Right upfront, I’ll let you know that I pitched the Boston Globe on a series of articles and reviews of this year’s IFFBoston event. I was informed that the paper and online arm of the Globe were already all set to cover the festival and my writing wasn’t needed. What a crock. Trying very hard […]

The Best Saddest Film of the Year

April 29, 2007


Holy cow. I finally saw genius at IFFBoston 2007. It was in the form of The Saddest Boy in the World, a short shown before Gretchen on Saturday night. This lovely little film proved to me that a film festival, especially one of independent offerings, is a hit or miss exercise. It’s also an indicator […]

IFF Boston 2007 – Day Three

April 28, 2007


In each life a little rain shall fall. In 2006, the IFF Boston event was marred by rain, but it didn’t keep many people away. I guess it’s either the weather or the selection – of some other happenstance – but to me it seems like people are staying away from this year’s festival in […]

Boston IFF 2007 – Day 2

April 26, 2007


I’m writing this from the Filmmaker’s lounge on the third floor of the Somerville Theater after having walked out of my first film this year. Sure, I’ve only been to a handful so far, but I wasn’t at all pleased with the camera work in Kinetta. According to the IFF guide, the movie is about […]

Boston IFF 2007 – Day 1

April 25, 2007


On a rainy Wednesday evening in Somerville, the 2007 Boston Independent Film Festival kicked off with a 7PM showing of Fay Grim. With my press credentials in hand and Clownface nearby, I chatted briefly with media director Joanna Horn. She’s excited about this year’s event and expects to even improve on last year’s attendance. According […]

Post-candle evaluation

April 23, 2007


On Friday I was determined to stop at Crate and Barrel to grab a candle to carry with me all weekend long. I didn’t buy the candle, but here is what did transpire on my birthday weekend. Got this camera Had a bunch of great meals Played poker Rode my bike (whoops, didn’t mean to […]

Mind in the gutter

April 20, 2007


For about a week I’ve had gutter sales people wandering around my house and sitting in my gorgeous double recliner. They stop by the house, introduce themselves then spend from 15 to 30 minutes measuring and muttering before banging on the door and bringing their clipboard and bag inside. To provide you with a little […]