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Ann Cutler, er Coulter

November 27, 2006


Ann Coulter For years I’ve been struggling against the general inability of people to spell my last name correctly. On this list are teachers, politicians, business people and worst of all credit bureaus. I guess the people who you buy something from or are beholden to for 19.7% interest should probably be most attentive when […]

Rockin’ in the free world

November 20, 2006


When rocks blast through the atmosphere, we see a blaze of light and a streak of white. This was certainly the case the other night when the Leonid Meteor Shower was visible from the Northeastern United States. Or perhaps I should say the meteors WOULD have been visible had they not been blocked by cloud […]

Maybe the easiest $20

November 17, 2006


I’m not too proud when it comes to earning money. From the Bar Mitvah toast I wrote for a guy back in 1995 to the product descriptions I wrote for PC Connection (I don’t like Pee Cees at all) to the 150 sports recaps I wrote each night at $5 an hour – you can […]

Jeff Cutler – not a killer

November 12, 2006


Recently I read a column on about writers who write about writers and writing. The point of the article was essentially that most books and writing by writers about writing were crap. I agree with that sentiment but it’s hard to reconcile because I’m currently sitting in a hotel ballroom at a writers’ conference. […]


November 8, 2006


Seems that the spambots have gotten smart enough – and Bowl of Cheese has gotten large enough – to attract an increasing flow of spam comments. Up to this point I’ve been just moderating them on a case by case basis, but I’ve decided to let technology do its work. So, if you want to […]

My happy place

November 4, 2006


If you’ve visited my room – or rooms – any day since I was oh…11, you know that I have a tendency to be an organized pack rat. The fact that people can’t understand how the mountains of clothes, toys, gadgets and junk are organized is their own failing that should be discussed with someone […]

Stealing away

November 1, 2006


I’m writing this from the relative comfort of the bathroom because I’m so livid right now that I can’t balance both my need to get my thoughts down on paper – or a screen – and my body’s ultimate need to evacuate the sushi I had for lunch. Sorry for possibly offending anyone who’s just […]