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I brow

August 27, 2006


While tweezing my eyebrows this morning I noticed that it hurts like a mother. Not like how my mother used to beat us, but a similar kind of pain. And that made me think that pulling out one’s eyebrows was a stupid exercise in self mutilation. Which then made me realize that all my grade […]

Worries part deux

August 26, 2006


As most of you know – if you’ve stuck around here long enough – I collect domain names and Web sites like other people collect Tupperware™ lids without bottoms and vice versa. One of these sites is my Worry site. Go there now if you want to see some more inspired and twisted writing. It’s […]

Funtastic jobs

August 23, 2006


As I wander back into the blogging environs I don’t want to strain myself too badly. Some of the jobs/projects I’ve had (dishwashing to pay off a family debt, playing the role of a bluebird so my baby sister wouldn’t feel all alone when she joined the troop, movie house sweeper) haven’t been as fun […]

Career builder

August 23, 2006


Last weekend, while wandering about the Fishermen’s Festival in the North End, I happened upon the Career Builder tent. I was encouraged—by an overzealous kid who professed that he had to sleep in the truck while driving around the country from event to event—to spin the prize wheel and get my picture taken with a […]

Under where?

August 14, 2006


As a result of my sluggish pursuits (see a prior post, I’m too lazy to put a link here), I have had to revamp my wardrobe. I am now happy to tell you that my underwear no longer binds me or leaves a visible crease on my midsection. When I originally contemplated my navel and […]

Current Events

August 8, 2006


Here’s a quickie list of the current events that are plaguing the universe and my quick take on each event/announcement/item/tidbit. Apple announces their top-end towers and Leopard OS. My take: Apple is brilliant in its marketing and introduction schedule for new products. These items were announced at the World Wide Developers Conference yesterday. By the […]


August 3, 2006


If you look up the word slug in Wikipedia, there’s probably a good definition for these tasty little creatures. I’m not giving you the specific definition here because I am the personification of the word slug. From memory – or just plain genius – I think I can recall the description of the word as: […]