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June 30, 2006


Criminy. There’s no way I’m putting Bowl of Cheese to bed without some effort – and by ‘to bed’ I mean out to pasture. Nope, the four readers of BOC are dedicated and good-looking, so I’ll soldier on. If you haven’t read the latest column by me, then enjoy. I rail against corruption and nasty […]

Blog notes

June 26, 2006


Frank and Nic and others have commented on the slow refresh rates of the Bowl of Cheese blog. That’s not their imagination, it’s the consequence of an overburdened staff of writers here at Novel Ideas. You see, when there are paying clients – like Gulf Oil, Tweeter, Brookstone, Hasbro, Fidelity, the Boston Herald and others […]

Heated debate

June 20, 2006


On Father’s Day (and tonight too) I was responsible for installing air conditioners. It’s not that I’ve suddenly taken some correspondence courses from ITT Tech or that I like to test my back without any prior stretching or toning exercises, it’s that my brother had a new baby a few weeks ago and my father […]

Just scraping by

June 14, 2006


The work up in NH has me back in the car for 1.5 hours each way each day and this will certainly help me with my goals. You see, a few of the goals – and I can’t remember if I posted them here in all their magnificent glory – have to do with improving […]

Summer of content

June 12, 2006


I feel that lately I’ve been shortchanging my BOC readers by giving you my entire inattention. That’s right…I’ve been distracted by being poor and the struggle to pile on the work. And since my work is writing, this means the genius gets passed on to the client and not so much to the Blogeratti. Well, […]

Empty Satisfaction

June 8, 2006


Remember when you beat up the bully for the first time and realized that it was easier than you thought it would be and far less satisfying? That’s how I felt today when I heard about al-Zarqawi’s death from two 500-lb bombs. It wasn’t that I didn’t want this guy dead. I certainly did. He […]


June 6, 2006


I’m dragging a bit today, the result of a massive fever and too much last-minute work for a client. This isn’t to say that I don’t like work, I just want to find the holy grail of balance so that all my deadlines don’t occur on the same evening. But how easy is it to […]